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My Nature Journals are designed for children ages 4 to 7 and uses primary handwriting (elementary aged) templates with dotted lines. The journal is designed so the children do not get bogged down with a lot of questions to answer. Yet there is a basic writing prompt instead of just blank pages. Most children can use the journal all by themselves once they get going.

Use the 'Look Inside' prompt to see the page layout

* My Nature Journal gives room to log in over twenty-five different adventures

* This perfect bound, glossy soft-cover journal keeps your child’s artwork and thoughts as treasured keepsake

* Each ‘Discover The World Around Me’ page is followed by a sketch page

* Although this has high quality 55 lb weight paper, paint and felt-pens and heavy markers will seep through the pages

* Pencils, colored pencils, and crayons work beautifully on the pages

In a world filled with Texting, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, instilling the habit of journaling is more crucial today than it has ever been. Journaling and sketching help to harness our children's creativity.

Building the habit of journaling is one of the greatest habits you can instill in your child. Studies say journaling will help your children process feelings, build writing skills, and communicate their ideas.

Purchase your child's Nature Journal today and enjoy their creations tomorrow.
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Enjoy this playful journal as you remember to be unique - like a unicorn llama - the only you the world needs to see.

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This journal is the perfect gift for that young one who writes late at night.


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Before you is one of the most beloved Children's Classics of all time - The Selfish Giant.

The children love to play in the Selfish Giant’s beautiful garden. After building a wall to keep them out, Snow, Frost, the North Wind, and Hail come to take over the garden. The Selfish Giant eventually realizes he was wrong to keep the children away, and he resolves to break down the wall he has built. One of the children that melt the giant’s heart is a young child. We learn the young boy is actually the Christ child, who later takes the joyful giant to His home in Paradise.


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